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Helmet: Arai Astral-X in a black-red-orance color scheme that the sales guy really didn't like and I coul dprobably have talked him down in price if I hadn't already planned to use a 20% catalog coupon.

Ear plugs. I don't want to go deaf from riding. The orange flared bullet-shaped ones are the best, but are hard to find now. So I use the blue bullet-shaped ones. I always get the highest noise-reduction raitng I can find. I makre sure they're inserted correctly and I click my fingernails about a foot away from my ear as a test.

Warm: A nice wooly double-layer Schampa collar and a black sweater with "San Francisco" embroidered on the front that I got at Walgreens keep me from getting too cold on SF commutes.

Riding Suit: Aerostich Roadcrafter, red to match my bike, goes over my street clothes, which depend on what I'm riding for.

Rain gear: A rain jacket stays in the saddlebag. I also have a rainsuit for when it's expected to pour.

Back protector: Dainese. Always.

groin protection: Bauer hockey cup because I like to get close to the tank and I don't like to smush my nuts. Call me weird, but my balls don't hurt.

Gloves: leather riding gloves with Thinsulate, or Held gloves with roo leather.

Boots: "Harley Davidson" brand riding boots with laces on the outside, and a velcro thingie to hold the bow ends. I want to replace these with some gnarly boots with lots of buckles.
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