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DAY 6:
This is what we wake up to out of our hotel. This is a beautiful place.

There was another group of bikers staying at our hotel. They were all on a variety of Enfields, a couple were rented and they had purchased a few as well. One of the guys knew the Enfields from a previous trip to India. He was not impressed with any of them either but he just accepted them as part of the journey. We would see half of them down at the local repair shop in a few hours.

Here's the local bike shop run by a Nepalese dude named Yogesh. He goes by Yogi. He's another mechanic that knows these Enfields intimately. He's also using the "Enfield mechanics triage technique", diagnosing and taking care of the low hanging fruit first. He's the only game in town so he's swamped. Everyone is waiting patiently.

We're up and I show Yogi the metal shavings jammed in the rocker arm covers. He starts to look for the root of them. We've got the timing gear and oil pump cover off and don't see anything that's obviously wrong.

Meanwhile, we're seeing brake pads being replaced on different bikes and decide to take a look at ours. They're metal on metal, both of our bikes.

This is low hanging fruit and Buurrt's bike jumps in head of mine determined by the "Enfield mechanic triage technique". Yogi's got a handful of young apprentices that take care of these common issues. His best man speaks ok english, Yogi has minimal english skills.

Back at my bike, we drain the oil and take a look at the various oil strainers. No explanation needed here. We determine the cylinder head has to come back off and we need to look at the piston.

We pull off the cylinder and the problem becomes immediately obvious. As I suspected a couple of days back from the deep knocking, the lower connecting rod bearing is loose as a goose!! The oil port to the connecting rod bearing in the crank is plugged not allowing oil to flow which is why the bearing went. I suspect that the bike was run out of oil at some point previous initially causing the metal shavings which would plug all the oil ports. This is totally depressing as the only fix is to pull the engine out and SPLIT THE CASE!!! We return to our hotel in the afternoon not happy at all about the state of my bike. We are getting deeper into the Himalayas and intended to go even deeper. We are now entertaining alternatives and adjusting to the fact that we might not be able to continue the direction we want to. We are weighing our options, not quite sure what to do about my bike that is total junk at this point.
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