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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Just a reminder:

If you have not voted in the "cracked tank" poll please do so here:

From the votes so far it does appear to be a USA-canister-system related problem....
I smell something fishy...

First of all, while the data is interesting regarding the canister it is far from conclusive. Several pieces of evidence points to other causes, mainly:

1. As a mechanical engineer who has designed his fair share of injection molded and thermo-formed plastic parts the radius on the original tank is too small to withstand repeated loading, such as cycling pressure or fuel load. (which may point to the canister as a factor in the problem but not the root cause.)

2. BMW issued a change to the design by increasing the radius on the outer gas tank cover.

3. I haven't looked very hard but I haven't seen a confirmed crack on the new design tank, mostly rumors, second cracks are likely on the same part
as original.

4. Many F8s have been reported cracked with less than 10 miles on them at the dealership (I've seen one myself). This points to a fabrication/design flaw with little to do with repeated loading of the outer shell.

Granted, there is a problem, and everyone (especially you JR) shouldn't be a chicken and take their bike into the dealer and demand a replacement under warranty. You say in your other thread you don't want to take it in because it is a hassle?... WTF, that is like saying you don't want to talk to a guy for two minutes to automatically get 500 bucks just because you don't like his face. Man up and go get a tank, if they refuse, I'll give you my number and my dealers number and they can talk them into it.
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