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Originally Posted by Chuckracer View Post
My carbs don't throw codes. They just work. But if for some reason they don't work right, or I want to change they way they work and I'm NOT an ASE certified mechanic with a code reader, I can still fix or adjust them. No trip to see you required. No appointemnt, dropping off the bike, picking the bike a week later and hoping it's fixed...etc.

This is just my personal angle, but I don't have a KTM dealer within 250 or more miles, so it's all down to me. Less electronic BS, the better on MY bike.

You seem to have missed my point. Or I didn't make myself clear. Also, I am speaking of automotive in general. Motorcycle EFI is having some growing pains and like OBD1, it's different for every manufacture, so it's a bit of a pain to work on. But that will change for motorcycles like it did for cars.

I have have/had many bikes and quads with carbs over the years. My 950 has carbs. They work, but I still hate carbs. Want some examples from the past 2 months?

1986 GL1200 Goldwing: Carbs are so hard to get in and out, I will never get it to run, just right, because it takes 45 minutes to extract them. It's missing a bit, but it's good enough so I am leaving it.

2001 Ninja 250 (the gas guzzler) How can a Ninja 250 get 30MPG? Don't know, but this one does. I replaced every jet and spit shined the carbs. It's still running rich. I have to run the mains 2 sizes leaner just to get 50MPG.

Kohler 2 cylinder 25HP engine. It just formed a hole in the brass float and hydro-locked the engine. I took out the spark plugs and cranked it and got showered with fuel. That could have been really bad (aka, BOOM). I have had the carb out of this engine at least 15 times last year.

Honda FL250. Won't idle when warm. Swap carbs with another one, works great. Can't see anything different between the two carbs or why it won't idle.

Yamaha TW. The new gas has eaten all the seals away from the carb. So it seeps fuel. And it does not like starting on the electric starter, but the kick start works great.

See why I hate carbs? Anything EFI (admittedly, I have only worked on EFI cars, no bikes yet) tends to be very simple to fix. Plug the scan tool in, it tells you what is wrong, then you replace that. Trained monkeys (aka, certified auto mechanics) could do it. If no codes come up, you have live information on what exactly is going on that will often tell you what is wrong.

My point being, you can fix modern cars yourself. Don't let the computer stuff scare you. It's easier then working with stupid carbs.
And I can't wait till motorcycles get generic DLC connectors so I can plug any old scantool in and get codes. It will happen.
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