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Originally Posted by EnderTheX View Post
I smell something fishy...

3. I haven't looked very hard but I haven't seen a confirmed crack on the new design tank, mostly rumors, second cracks are likely on the same part
as original.

4. Many F8s have been reported cracked with less than 10 miles on them at the dealership (I've seen one myself). This points to a fabrication/design flaw with little to do with repeated loading of the outer shell.
Hi, my name is fishy. Glad to meet you!

As to your point #3, my replacement tank is a confirmed, verified, obviously different, had to wait for the new one, had corporate involved redesigned tank and........wait for it comes......not quite.......yep, you guessed it! Mine is cracked AGAIN.

Every F on the dealer floor near me has a cracked tank. Every one! (This is up until the 2011 models showed up. I have not seen any cracks on the newest ones.....YET.)

Just sayin'!
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