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To answer Zain's question and throw my 2 cents in. If i wanted to tour India i would do it on a modern 100+ cc bike .Never on an Enfield. Nostalgia is well and good but with the road conditions and driving habits the last thing you want is to worry about the reliability of your bike.
I spent 8 years in India and my house mate rode a Bullet. Half the time he couldn't start it and the other half was spent in the workshop.
And there is an even bigger POS i.e the Yedzi road king which is actually a Jawa 250cc. THe longest i spent trying to kickstart one was 30mins non stop. I don't know if they still have it nowadays.( i left India in Jan 2000).
Looking at the honda India website a brandnew base model is around 36800Rs = 2,400 Malaysian Ringgit(for Zain ) = 811 USD .
I would make a deal to resell it back to the dealer and get some cash back (at a loss of course) . Peace of mind for me is more important esp if my wife is along.
Great adventure BTW.
Ride safe guys.
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