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to continue the EFI or not discussion

I agree that the 'management' systems on a machine that is supposed to be 'worldwide adventure ready' should have better in situation overrides or limp modes to enable the owner/rider to continue operating the machine. I see this as one of the main design failures of the current 'management' systems. One of the others is related to the EFI system itself, and in some respects is the heart of it or at the very least a critical component, the filtration. Aside from the tendency of the OEM maps to cause abrupt throttle response and in some cases poor fuel consumption, the high pressure fuel system should be at minimum a 50,000 mile serviceable item. Example: My 94 Subaru Legacy Turbo has 240000 miles on the original injectors, I just replaced the inline fuel filter as a mater of 'well I should do that at some time' after 160000 miles of use... and the in tank fuel pump and intake filter had ~160000 on it before I replaced it with a 255lh high performance pump. Point being is that the well designed 'modern' EFI systems work for a very long time and in most cases do so with little to no problems.

Personally I prefer 1s and 0s when it comes to tuning, but there are challenges present there that good old analog (carbs) systems do really well. I ride a 04 950 w/ carbs. It runs well and I usually don't have problems with it. Yes, sometimes simple is better, but I believe that a EFI/ECU managed engine can be a better solution provided there are failure modes and/or overrides that will allow the rider to at the very least get to a place where repairs can be made.

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