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Keep going guys. I'm a learnin' stuff here.

Seems there ought to be a way to cheaply and reliably measure the fuel output to then translate that into an accurate fuel gauge. Riding in Baja a couple weeks ago it would have been nice to know my fuel situation a bit more accurately, especially with the changing conditions- sand/silt/gravel roads/slab.

But, if that sounds stupid, I confess Colorado Uli told me that in Baja

W'us up Uli!

In an automotive application, that's dead easy. As standard, every car spits out of the DLC (that plug under the dash you connect your scan tool to), the RPM and how long the injectors are being held open. With a bit of calibration, you can figure out how much has has been used.

I just found this that may work on the KTM EFI.

And it shows how much fuel it has used to far. For 55 bucks, I am ordering one for my truck.
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