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Originally Posted by MonsterJ
LOL... then what else would you have to say? How many other people have called you out on your opinion-posed-as-fact posts? Then again.... this is why message boards like these have ignore lists. Easy fix.

I forgot to put my *opinion* disclaimer for folks like you who get their panties in a bunch. People make mistakes/typos sometimes my friend. You'll notice that in that same post of mine the you're SO freaking worked up about that I also phrased the same point in a more opinion/non-fact manner.

Please ignore me, then I won't have to deal with your sensitive needs anymore!

Here's a couple of posts you've recently made that are nice examples of opinion-posed-as-fact:

In this post you're clearly not aware of the the fact that there's more to a tubeless tire than just the bead itself, though you phrase your opinion as thought it is fact:

In this post you pose your opinion that that the reason Heidenau is having delays getting the 150/70-17 K60 to market is because testing went bad in Africa, though we do not know for sure that is the case:

So you see my friend, you're not practicing what you're preaching. Now stop muddying-up this thread.
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