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This is real late... I know.

The setting for this race report is the flat and woodsy property near New Smyrna used by the Apollo Motorcycle club. The course was 5+ miles for Sat and 11+ miles for Sunday. The weather was forecast to be cold with a chance of rain on Sat. The moisture arrived just as the practice lap was ending and made for some slippery conditions for the start of Haley's race. This will be her 3rd start on the bigger bike so she's still learning to use all it has to offer. The course was one of thick woods/palms with not a lot of open areas to regroup/take a breath, so staying relaxed will be important.
The horn sounds and she's off. Not last into the 1st corner is an improvement as she disappeared into the woods. Soon enough she appears to complete the first lap and looks like she's having fun. She manages to dump it in a tight right hander just as the course enters the woods and by the way she was able to pick the bike up quickly and get going it looks like keeping her on a 2 stroke continues to be the right move.
Time passes and we start to get worried....where is she. An answer isn't far away as a friend rides up and says Haley is back at camp...mad... and minus her kick starter ! I'm soon greeted by a upset racer who is ready to fire her mechanic. Seems she stalled the bike, went to kick it and realized she was missing something. A nice course worker got her bump started. She most upset that she had to now wait 3 weeks to race again, so it seems my master plan of getting her hooked on this all is going according to plan

Junior Girls
Place # Name AMA # Brand City, State Point Adv Laps Elapsed
1 5G Zoe Steindl KTM Sanford, FL 50 0 4 1:08:58
2 169G Haley Schell Honda Odessa, FL 12 0 1 0:19:08

Speaking about grand ideas, mine was going according to plan. The mist that was bothering most folks during practice has started to let up. There were only 12 riders in the class (usually 20+) due to the weather so less competition. The horn sounds and in one kick the bike fires and I'm off. Now David Davis (48C) is the hole shot king of the Senior C line. His technique is shrouded in mystery and the scuttlebutt is he never actually kills his motor for the start, he just has it idling really,really slowly So as I shoot away from the line I look over and realize with shock...I've got the holeshot! Seems David had installed a rekluse after the prior race and the slight delay it caused in his start let me get the jump on him. I decided at that moment I was going to park it next to the pole and make everyone go around me, which worked for 2 corners until David went flying around the outside of me and led the class into the woods.
Now prior to this race I was talking with Haley about how this race was going to be the one of opportunity. Tight trail meant I needed to bide my time and wait for opportunities. Don't push too hard and wreck as it would be so much work to try and pass people back.I was thinking this as I followed David into the first 1/4 mile of the trail. David took a slower line and I couldn't resist it, I passed him back and took over first. Now some of you might remember the last time I had first place and how I had the propensity to give it right back. I was passing over some seemingly routine whoops and released my grip on the throttle for a 2nd. The issue was my sticky gloves combined with some excellent grips meant for a split second the throttle had other plans. The bike and I shot off into the bushes as if we knew something the trail designers didn't, and the entire class passed me by.So much for staying cool and letting the race come to me..
It's pretty remarkable how deep a 300 can bury itself when the ham-fisted pilot blunders. After getting it back on track I knew all I could do was try and salvage something. I also learned I am now a card carrying member of the Brian Coughlin/tight trees are for enduro's way of thinking. I swear they I saw a sign that said "old enduro course" as I plowed the bars back and forth through a section that sapped what little strength I had left. I passed a few people, was forced to go out another lap and passed a few more. I managed to make it up to 6th by the end, but the course had whipped my butt. I was laughing as I pulled up and told my story to David and Tom Miller (congrats on the win Tom !!!) so I guess any race you can smile after is a good one. Should be a great one this weekend in Brooksville so see you there !!!

PS. I would thank my cheering section for the encouragement, as I really need it!

Senior C
Place # Name AMA # Brand City, State Point Adv Laps Elapsed
1 31C Tom Miller 696207 KTM North Port, FL 50 10 2 1:28:23
2 48C David Davis 854296 KTM Lake City, FL 47 5 2 1:28:51
3 828C Mike Hunter 744142 Kawasaki Middleburg, FL 45 4 2 1:29:41
4 15C Kevin Vaughan KTM North Port, FL 43 3 2 1:30:19
5 919C Randy Bolen 987702 Honda San Mateo, FL 41 2 2 1:31:50
6 117C Troy Stainbrook KTM Odessa, FL 40 0 2 1:32:56
7 26C Robert Ryan 941623 Yamaha Lake Mary, FL 39 0 2 1:36:15
8 818C Irvin Kelly 942897 Honda Kissimmee, FL 38 0 2 1:37:39
9 11C Don Learn GasGas Jacksonville, FL 37 0 2 1:40:07
10 42C Brenton Teixeira KTM Key West, FL 36 0 2 1:44:55
11 1C Ouri Kahn Yamaha Weston, FL 35 0 2 1:56:26
DNF 96C Todd Comeens KTM Deland, FL 0 0 0 0:00:00
DNF 69C Armando Rios 897436 KTM Kissimmee, FL 0 0 0 0:00:00
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