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Pokey the Wunderbus!

I think i should just start a build thread on my project here instead of bugging people in the regional forum ><

Pokey is a 1976 vw westfalia camper with a blown up motor. Or, partially blown up. Cylinder 3 has almost zero compression (i got it to 4 psi once!). Pokey will be getting a 2.2l sohc subaru motor this winter/spring. The goal is to get it done, tested, and take it on a road trip up to montana this summer. Theres lots of work ahead, but i would like to think i know what i'm doing (what is that saying of best laid plans?).

I've done this sort of thing once before, last summer, when i pulled the anemic 1600 air cooled lump out of my beetle (poor quality ignition parts roasted one of the cylinders, completely my fault) and stuffed in the same engine pokey will be getting. I learned a few things along the way with that, so this time around it should be a bit easier.

Anyhow, this will just be a pictures-with-text type of thing and i'd be happy to answer questions, comments, concerns, and threats along the way.
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