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The first few posts will be from a build thread i have going on another forum, so please excuse the improper tenses :)

Alrighty well i talked to KEP and they say that as long as i use the 200mm clutch i can use the 200mm flywheel with any transmission. The bellhousing/input shaft confusion was just that. The input shafts are the same, but the bellhousing is larger to accept a larger flywheel. I opted to go with a 200mm kit with a much stronger pressure plate as there are far more options as far as pressure plates and clutch disks go.
Here's some pictures of the beast:

Ubiquitous interior shot:

Sure is slow driving on THREE CYLINDERS!?

This is the good side, the other is barf green:

And of course the lowly japanese lump that'll push it around some day:
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