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a good question

Originally Posted by Ape76

BTW why aren't Dainese or Alpinestars gloves used by racers (Rossi, Hayden, etc.) CE rated? Do they feel that theirs would pass regardless since they come out ok in crashes?

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Hello again,

Personally, I try not to compare "retail" gear with what the Pro's wear. They get stuff custom built and get paid to wear it. I'd be surprised if the top riders gloves were "retail" units. Most importantly though, they can replace their apparel after every ride if necessary.

Also, comparing racetrack surfaces to what we all have to commute on isn't exactly a "fair" comparison....Lastly, the best of the best simply crash less often than we do ;)

Here's what a Dainese "sponsored" glove does for you: GRAPHIC

Van of was wearing a pair of Dainese gloves that were stitched with NYLON.

The bottom line in my opinion: they don't build them to CE spec's because it would cost significantly more and when considering the numbers these manufacturers deal in, those are HUGE numbers...

The other factor is the rider mentality...... it only takes one time to get ground down to the bone...
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