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DAY 7:
We wake up and see the other group of Enfield fanatics off. They've had clutch work, brake pad replacement and a few other items taken care of. We'd learn that the Enfield clutch was one of the most problematic issues with these bikes as we'd start to see clutch covers off EVERYWHERE!! One of the girls is riding her own bike, pretty impressive considering the terrain and the road conditions.

We stop by Yogi's to check in. It's now the daytime scene with guys patiently waiting and lots of repairs going on. More Enfields stop in for this or that. Yogi tells us his boy is on his way over Rohtang and he's expecting the part late this evening.

So we've got a day off to take in this beautiful valley that Keylong sits in.

Keylong is isolated for the entire winter when the snow comes as the big mountain passes are closed. There is lots of avalanche activity and I could only imagine what it would be like to keep those passes plowed.

Here are some locals getting hay stockpiled for the upcoming winter. There was quite a bit of local farming happening around the village.

We walked around on little trails that wound down to the river with sites in every direction

This was the roof top of our accommodations. Great day to do a little laundry.

The people running the Nordaling Hotel were very nice and the food was EXCELLENT!! Tough to beat it's location also.

This was a great day to regroup, stretch, get our minds reset.

Buuurrrt and Maja took a ride down the valley to the confluence where the only gas station was.

We decided to have them fill up all of our containers so we'd be ready to depart when and if we got the bike fixed. Well, as I already said, we WOULD fix the bike no matter what and filling up with gas demonstrates that we were in the mind set of pushing on.

We were hoping to make it to Leh which would be as far north as we intended to go. We'd then work our way back south on a different route. With all the rain that had fallen recently, many of the roads were washed out. We would have to make a detour and lengthen our route to Leh as one of the big passes was closed. We were told a large section of the road was no longer there.

Buuurrrt and Maja climbed up to visit a monastery on their way back up to Keylong. Very stunning views from this little spur road.

Here's Buuurrrt taking it in, doing a mental reset. Awesome!!

We regrouped at the Nordaling and stowed our fuel. We went down to Yogi's to see what the status was on the part that was getting machined. He informed us it was done but the machinist wasn't able to get to it until late that afternoon and it was too late for Yogi's apprentice to ride back that night. He'd come in the morning. I was wondering if he'd make it to Kulu, get the part machined and make it back in a day, but things were coming together. We'd start wrenching again in the morning.
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