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Haha! Fastways, here. Bring the brake and shifter up till they are roughly the same height as the top pf the footpeg. Thats what seems to feel best. I have them set up so that the outsides of the peg are a little higher, making my knees angle towards the bike a little bit, rather than level or tipped away. They are not significantly lower than stock, but are wide as a milk crate.

Its still pretty much about my racing effort, such as that is. Everything done to the bike, and by now I've either fixed something, or kept working on it till it was broke just about everything, so I thought it would be fun to keep you appraised of the work and maintenance to fun and riding ratio. I encourage off topic banter. I also encourage on topic stuff because I assure you- I have questions unanswered.

Bgood- if youre not going to race this year, you can ride the same roads any point up to or right after. No recce for me for 90 days prior, but they run the same roads, generally, so by now I am getting to know the first little bit of each stage before I shut my eyes up tight about a mile in I'll even give you the route sheet they give us and let you follow it. One second thought, there are a couple of parts that are technically run through state land and are otherwise off limits to vehicular travel, but thats a pretty small proportion.

Matt, I'll buy your T-shirt for you if you can land an egg on me

K-san man- Got your PM, I'll hit you back. I appreciate the offer, and why the hell not.
Unintentional psychokinesis.
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