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Originally Posted by gbagen View Post
I don't even know Don's full name, address or rap sheet (I'm a former prosecutor, so that counts), but I was without hesitation in entrusting my bike to him. Stuff like this is just what our community does for its own. Thank God and thank you, my friends.
not too long ago there was a huge ride here to the infamous Coke Ovens. A rider who I'd never me (hell, I'd never even heard of him on the site before) PM'd me about riding out there with him. He told me he was going to be at his son's house in QC and thought it would be nice for us to join troops instead of going solo. Turns out his son lives about 2 miles from me so I told him to stop by my place and we'd load up my bike in his truck the night prior.

As I'm loading up my bike I start thinking in my head how crazy it was for me to be doing that with a total stranger of which I barely even remembered his first name. I even told him about it and we had a good laugh.

But that's the type of place this is. All went well and we are now buds.
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