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from last weekend. The Coyote HS.

This race's report takes place up in Brooksville,Fl at the Mondon Hill property. This is our "home" race as we are both member's of Suncoast Trailblazer's. The property is very different from most in that being an old mining site it offers many elevation changes and a chances to ride in some clay vs. sand. The course for Sat afternoon was 10 miles.
Sat dawned with guarded optimism. Haley is riding on a familiar course so confidence should be high, but racing it is another story and anything can happen. Having her grandparents and a friend from school there for the first time gave her more determination to do well...."Beep"
Haley was off into the first corner and not last which is good. She ended up following someone off course on the slag pile as a barrier had been knocked down and some confusion ensued. Lesson learned on following the course and not relying on the rider in front to know the right way.
Apparently at some point on the course she was pitched off the bike in front of the paramedics. She said she saw stars as they ran up and said they were going to call it in. She asked them if she could just sit there a bit and collect her self. He asked "How many fingers am I holding up?"..."3" was her correct answer and they cautiously let her continue with the advice of "take it easy out there!". Glad to hear the EMT's were there to help and she toughed it out and continued on. I followed her for a few miles on her 2nd lap through the ravine and out to the field. She looked like she was having fun!
Haley ended up doing 2 laps and to quote "I only wrecked 3 times " so she seemed happy with that. Her grandparents were very impressed with what a she accomplished and the whole FTR in general. I think her friend also had a few stories to share at school on Monday, including her first experience using a port-a-potty.

Junior Girls
Place # Name AMA # Brand City, State Point Adv Laps Elapsed
1 169G Haley Schell Honda Odessa, FL 50 0 2 1:19:33

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