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Originally Posted by Country Doc View Post

That's what the shirts, mugs, caps, etc. need to say. Just a quote on them.

"Who the hell is Stagehand?"

It'd be like "Who is Salt?" Manufactured curiosity. I love it! The upshot of the Stagehand ploy is that once people actually find out who he is, they'd find him even more interesting, unlike that dog pile of a movie.

Ok Jason, I gotta get me another old GS, and join the Stagehand race team!!


Dan, will we have the pleasure of your company at Sandblast this year? If not, I hope we'll meet up over the summer, before Black River..

Here are some recent shots I promised.

She sits and waits.

Current lighting setup-- hope Max doesnt mind too much

PIAA 510's I think. 55w each... and between them and the heated grips/gear, I am overtaxing the charging system.

But they are finally in a spot where I'm least liable to break them in a crash, and the higher they are they better for forward viewing. I have some tape on the perimeter because the glare is fierce... my friend Andrew fabricated some really cool half eyelash looking things for the top of his, but I just stuck some tape on them after my fashion.

Still a frickin mess:

JUst did the shifter bushing, and replaced the shifter linkages, and the shifter shaft seal. ALso replaced the oil pressure switch, neutral safety and the harness, as I said. Finally also got a new rubber footpeg, that only took twoyears.

You can see the muffler clamp turned up and hidden behind the shifter stuff...

You can see where the SoloLobo Float Bowl Tether (tm) has finally kinda flaked out.. it fatigued out of the upper terminal. I love the idea of these things, but the one time I hadto take the float bowl off it was full of gas I was in a stream.. I really wanted to be able to take the float bowl away, but there was no quick disconnect... I have not felt the burning need to fix this.

The disconnects for the lights run up the right hand roobar.
Unintentional psychokinesis.

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