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Report on GPS

Originally Posted by sweatbucket View Post
alaric, didnt hear from you about this and i kept checking the link tho. went on ahead and got the gps you recommended. the company threw in some free maps and stuff. so just waiting on it to arrive. the price was actually too good to be true for what is included. if you decide to chime in then no worries bro, i got it coming my way and i will update anyone who is interested to know how it works.

just in case anyone else reads and follows this old post like i did then heres a link for reference with more details about what i went to buy. hope it helps yall out.

The GPS I bought for $105.00
Planning a trip to the Phil in late Feb and trying to find a good GPS with local maps - did you ever make a report on the the GPS you mentioned and bought ???
I have a 478 and wondered if I could download the maps from the website mentioned. I also plan to do a bit of " off road" riding.
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