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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
Been running Tubliss on my 950 SE for a year now and I find the opposite to be true, I can change them faster than a tube. I have eliminated the possibility of getting pinch flats and when I ran tubes, I would get them on the SE all the time while running hard in rocky terrain. I've also ran them on Rally stages with no problems at speeds up to 116 MPH and I'm still sitting here typing

I usually carry a spare Tubliss tube in my pack but I've never used it.
Try them sometime.
Hi Crankshaft - I'm not suggesting they are not a useful alternative to tubes, just saying they are not a [sensible] alternative to mousses, particularly when racing...

The only benefit I can see with using Tubliss is the ability to run other brands of [tubeless] tyres on tubed rims, and the ability to alter the air pressure - both of which have little baring on rally racing - the best tyres for rallying are all designed to run with mousses anyway, and the 15-18psi range of a mousse seems to be the optimum for heavish bikes, hitting stuff at racing speeds - even in sand? So I can't see how Tubliss would offer any benefit?

Ultimately you want to minimise (if not eradicate altogether) the chance of a flat, and an air-inflated tyre can still get holed... yes you can plug it, and reinflate with a gas cylinder, but that all takes time you won't want to lose in the middle of a stage?

With a mousse, it is very rare it would ever go flat (even if it starts to break down with heat, it never goes 'flat') - and if it does start to soften and lose grip on the bead, then the typical trick is to use heavy duty zip-ties to hold the tyre onto the rim for the rest of the stage... straight forward and less than a minute to implement.

I'm not saying Tubliss doesn't have a place, I'm just saying noone [to my knowledge] uses them in rally racing...


ps. That said, Tubliss might have a place in short course sand events or for extreme enduros in muddy conditions, where you might want to run a softer rear tyre?
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