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Originally Posted by walkingbear View Post
How about just using longer rods and short piston with
stock barrels.

Any advantages?
Just the usual, reduce cylinder wall loadings due to smaller thrust angles. Torque will go up.

The biggest issue will be pistons though, keeping the same stroke with the same heads and jugs will mean pushing the gudgeon pin further towards the crown which will generally mean moving the ring lands closer to the crown as well. Obviously you can go only so far.

Therefore you increase the rate of failure on the piston as the higher the ring lands the weaker they will be 9they will be made closer together) and the top ring land will be a lot more susceptible to detonation damage.

But on the other hand if your comparing 30 year old pistons (and their technology) with newly developed and perhaps coated slipper type pistons then tbh they will be about the same or the newer one (like for like) will have a longer life.

of course this is assuming AFR's etc are ok and detonation is avoided.
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