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Ian - sorry for all the questions but I have a few more:

So with an HID low and Halogen high both lights are on for High and just the HID for Low? Or is there a "double filament" Halogen than has both a low and high position? I'm assuming you don't want HID for high as you can't quickly turn it on and off for oncoming traffic?

My bike has been running a 130 watt H4 Halogen for over a year with no electrical problems. I'm thinking of getting your fairing with a 50 watt HID low and something like a 80 watt Halogen high? Is that combo possible? I know it sounds like lots of light but light is huge to me. I ride a lot at night in 3rd world countries where the roads are black as black with no painted lines on the edges let alone the cool "reflective painted lines' most first world countries take for granted. I've seen elephants, massive pythons, water buffalo crossing the road in the middle of the night and we commonly have semi trucks on the freeway going 10 kph with no tail lights or reflectors while sports cars are doing 160 k/hr at the same time.

How tough is your fairing? For instance I've done 900 KM of washboard in 1 day, 5,000 KM in a week once. Lot's of things (actually most things) break/come apart etc. How do you think the Lynx would do?

Finally, what do guys normally do with GPS's etc? Bolt them straight to the dash?


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