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Originally Posted by Raineman View Post
Symptoms included weak rear brake, flashing 'brake failure' lights, although the front brakes worked fine.
Well, i've spoken about a how i've fixed a few identical problems on servo units with a simple no cost fix, and how i was reluctant to post it on the internet for various business reasons., but the time has come where people need the information.

If you have weak brakes on front or rear, or they drag/stick slightly, it MAYBE , only maybe a blocked or restricted filter in the servo.

I've found it on a few bikes and it's cleared the problem, but the filters have been clean on other bikes and it wasn't the problem.

You want the rigid brake pipe holder on the servo unit -shown here in the picture below. Remove the circlip and pull out the rigid brake line so it is as in the picture.

On the head are two flats, with an open ended spanner undo the pipe holder and remove the holder -

On the end is a filter, the one in the picture below is dirty pretty restricted. I bet no one at your dealership has mentioned this to you ( i doubt they even know) . And no one can be bothered to get off their arse to help people save money when you can just replace it with a new one.

Clean it up, put it back, renew the brakes and servo with new fluid and you could be one of the lucky ones and find your brakes working again for 30 minutes work.
And remember there are two of the pipe holder and filters on each brake circuit = two for the front, and two for the rear - Also bare in mind it doesn't work on every servo with the weak brake symptoms.

The same filter cleaned through.


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