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Originally Posted by rickypanecatyl View Post
Ian - sorry for all the questions but I have a few more:

So with an HID low and Halogen high both lights are on for High and just the HID for Low? Or is there a "double filament" Halogen than has both a low and high position? I'm assuming you don't want HID for high as you can't quickly turn it on and off for oncoming traffic?

My bike has been running a 130 watt H4 Halogen for over a year with no electrical problems. I'm thinking of getting your fairing with a 50 watt HID low and something like a 80 watt Halogen high? Is that combo possible? I know it sounds like lots of light but light is huge to me. I ride a lot at night in 3rd world countries where the roads are black as black with no painted lines on the edges let alone the cool "reflective painted lines' most first world countries take for granted. I've seen elephants, massive pythons, water buffalo crossing the road in the middle of the night and we commonly have semi trucks on the freeway going 10 kph with no tail lights or reflectors while sports cars are doing 160 k/hr at the same time.

How tough is your fairing? For instance I've done 900 KM of washboard in 1 day, 5,000 KM in a week once. Lot's of things (actually most things) break/come apart etc. How do you think the Lynx would do?

Finally, what do guys normally do with GPS's etc? Bolt them straight to the dash?


Hearing about a typical day in your life is making me feel very envious !

Anyway, the fairings are extremely tough and (to my knowledge), one has never broken in the three years the Lynx has been out. However, there have been a few instances where the actual screen has broken in a 'get off', and for you high usage, I would recomend having a spare one around.

The lighting configuration is as you describe. The lights have separate functions, with the low beam remaining on and the other high beam lamp coming on when switched. You are correct about the slight delay when using the HID to 'flash', but my view of the HID low/Halogen high was mainly a 'bang for the buck' combo. Twin HID is still the best. I would need to find out from our HID supplier about the higher wattage HID's, but I'm sure they are available for these lights.

Yes, the GPS bolt's straight onto the dash. If you are giving the bike 'extreme' usage, then it may be advisable to put a short 'leash' on it just in case, but I've certainly not had any experience of the GPS parting company from the normal plastic holders that are available for them.

The dash will also accomodate other accessories like power sockets and it is very easy to tap into the Lynx's wiring harness to supply power to these accessories, without having to run dedicated power wires back to the battery.

Hope this helps.

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