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Originally Posted by CHRIS_D View Post
The main reason I like the Touratech mount is for the locking feature. It's one less thing I need to worry about securing when I make a quick trip into a store.

Ian I'm sorry for so many questions...

The customer(s) who had the broken windsheilds, was it because the windsheild was extended when they crash? If the sheild would of been all the way down do you think it would of still broken off?

The reason I'm asking this is because I had my first drop today with the new 690 The front tire got stuck in a muddy rut and down I went. I will say she sure is a lot easier to pick up then my Big 'o' Gurl 990!!
No problem with the questions. At least everybody following the thread gets the benefit of the answers.

Anyway, in most cases, the screen is up and the incidents vary from a major road accident, to the bike simply falling over in the garage ! One guy even had a fist sized stone falling from the back of a truck that hit the screen. He said it would have given him a real bad day if the rock had hit hime in the chest or neck ! However, lets put this in perspective though. I think we have supplied about 30 replacement screens over 3 years out of nearly 1000 fairings and this includes replacements where the owners just want to replace one that is a bit scratched.
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