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DAY 8:
We come down to Yogi's mid morning. Same old going on here. Lots of customers waiting patiently. The runner isn't back yet. Yogi says don't worry, once his boy gets back we'll wrench on the bike until we finish it no matter how late we need to go!!

In the meantime, it was time to take care of a cylinder stud that we'd broken off by accident the night of the disassembly. The stud was broken off flat and I wasn't seeing how we were going to drill it out with Yogi's tools. This is where I learned a good little trick to add to my bag. Yogi sent another apprentice up the street with Buuurrrt to extract it. A welder just tacked on a rod to the broken stud and we un-threaded it. Slick. (Note the welder's sub-standard eye protection) I've since used this method back in the states. Awesome.

The Enfield mechanic triage technique continues with lots of Enfields coming in. Brakes and Clutch work is the most popular. Yogi's runner arrives back some time afternoon and we slowly get moved into the mix and start to scavenge our parts together.

The sun goes down and the amount of beer we're putting away goes up. It's another TOTALLY CLASSIC scene at Yogi's with the random drunkards swinging by. Oh man, I'm telling you, some of these dudes were LOOSE!!! We're making headway though. The case is coming together but it's getting pretty late AND we're loaded again. Yogi is determined to keep wrenching but his eye's are starting to drift and roll back in his head!! As the debauchery continues it's obvious that Yogi's about done for the night. Amazingly we got the case assembled. It's well after midnight and there are a few stragglers that move on their way, stumbling down the street. Yogi finally calls it off and pulls down the roll away door and SLEEPS IN THE SHOP!! Too funny! We are impressed.
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