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DAY 9:
We wake up and get another excellent breakfast up at the Nordaling. Serious, the food was awesome! We get down to Yogi's and get to it early before all the expected customers start showing up. We can't find a new stud for the cylinder. Bad news. Yogi thinks he's got one somewhere but Buurrt and I are thinking he's not going to produce it. He's got three giant burlap bags full of random parts which he starts dumping out on the step. This is too much!! Seriously, a huge pile of shit just strewn everywhere!! After a bunch of sifting Yogi finds the stud he's looking for. Too much!!

The triage starts up again. Here's an Enfield with the clutch cover removed. Huh!! Imagine that?!! These smaller repairs are slowing our progress of course and next thing you know it's night time and we're heading to the liquor store AGAIN!!! This would prove to be the craziest night of them all.

Now things are going back together rapidly but it is getting late again. We keep thinking that things are going to come to a halt when we can't scrounge up some of our parts but everything continues to be located and we keep piecing it together. Once again the random lurkers start to filter through. We are pretty excited as we can see light at the end of the tunnel. We continue to make liquor store runs to keep things flowing. We're drunk once again. We notice a very stinky smell that somehow we remember from the night before that happened at about the same time. We notice there's some water running down the side of the road, basically right under the bike we're working on. Come to find out the bus station up the road from us PULLS THE PLUG FROM THE BATHROOMS at about 10pm and the shit flows downhill!!! Freaking nasty!! Most of it runs off the road farther up but some comes right on by!!

Things are mostly assembled at this point and it's time to check the timing. The Enfields have a series of gears that dictates the ignition timing. A few have notches that indicate their position but if I remember right there was at least one that wasn't marked for what ever reason. Yogi uses "the force" for placement of the last gear. He then uses a wrench to span the gears so we can kick the thing and see how far off his guess of the gear position is. The thing comes to life!! It's right on. At this point we're ecstatic!!

We continue to finish up the odds and ends and drink more beer. Yogi is feeling pretty comfortable with us as pals at this point and starts asking us about girls in his very broken english. He's seen some American porno flick and wants to know how the guys can go at it for so long!! We realize that there seems to be no such thing as "foreplay" in the Indian culture, at least from our perspective there. We are explaining that foreplay can extend the experience. Yogi doesn't know what to think of this and the thought of performing cunnulingus on a women has got him slack jawed!! Buuurrt and I are loosing it as we try to give Yogi a lesson in foreplay!! I'm trying to compare getting a women excited to starting an Enfield: you roll it over and it starts a slow idle. As things start to get warmed up everything starts to move easier!! I remember imitating an idling bike "bup…….bup……bup…..bup". Then a little faster "bup..bup..bup" and faster "bup bup bup" till you really twist it "bup bup bup braaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwp"!!! Yogi gets it but can't even imagine. Things continue in an odd direction and Yogi shares some stuff with us that I'm not going to get into, it was just too much for this public forum!!

Next it's back to the bike for the final adjustments and we square up with Yogi. The bill is $180 all together. Yogi wants us to give him a ride to his house up the road a few km as he doesn't want to sleep in the shop again. So he hops on the back of my bike and his apprentice hops on Buuurrts and it's off to Yogi's dirt hut where his wife and child are sleeping!!! Next thing you know we're in Yogi's place and he's yanking out photo albums of all these photos of him on various bikes doing various journeys while his wife and kid are trying to sleep!! It's a one room dwelling! We're a mess!! This is intense!! Finally, sometime near 2am it's time to bid Yogi farewell. Yogi tells us if we are going to do any more rides in India or Nepal he will be our mechanic and ride with us. The motorcycle is the common bond between us and this is no doubt a male bonding moment. We sling our legs over the bikes and swerve back to the Nordaling where we fill the girls in on the LOOSEST night yet!! Yogi is awesome and we will never forget him. Thanks Yogi!!
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