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Originally Posted by hunter_greyghost View Post
You can always find water to wash the mud off!

Not so much the mud, it's the 465LBS!

From left to right...
My 77D, my 77D 50 dollar test bed with the 81 motor in it, the 78 I sold for 150+a compressor. Together now, but was completely disassembled.

Not mine, but when my buddy got interested, we found a 78 for him...$450.
Yamaha pipes tend to rust from the inside out. From condensation I presume. I, myself am on my 3rd set of stock pipes for STD's.
That'll probaly be the last set of STD's I'll ever run due to the chopper/bobber craze, and the price/availability of decent junkers.

The above repair was solid for a few months, then the muffler darn near finished it's seperation.

Speaking of mufflers...
Great sound of the bates cocktail shakers can be heard in a previous post...
But I want to tell ya, it aint easy to get them packed!
Fiberglass, tightly wrapped, WD40, a rubber mallet...
I don't know that I'll ever get the baffles out again.

too many...
I have completely lost count

and here's my channel...
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