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Hey R2L,

Thanks for the nod. The Schuberth line is so technical, the hope is to, at a minimum, make sure folks have the right information whether they buy online from us or not. The C3 is a lot of helmet, but is quite an investment. I'm also a huge gear geek, so I don't mind furthering this type of discussion.

Regarding quiet, I am not sure what the exact specs are on the RF-1000 although I have had a 1000 for years now and it still has a slot on my helmet wall. I will say that the C3 is the most quiet helmet I own out of all 9 that I am currently rotating (RX-Q, C3, RF-1100, RF-1000, Qwest, AX-8 DS, RSR2, RPS-10, Bell Star). You really feel encapsulated with both the fit and the quiet.

I will say that is is a SNUG fit. For me its all about fit when the chinbar is down. With it up, you are right, it's an obvious non issue.

I have the most success with placing the boom just below my lower lip. It's more comfortable than in front of my lips and I find there is less "clipping" when I am speaking loudly at speed (better clarity for the party I am speaking with).

As far as the vox is concerned, I have never had the issue of it being overly sensitive, if anything I usually have to consciously make a loud noise for a few seconds for the vox to activate at speeds north of 60mph. Under 60mph you should still not have a sensitivity issue.

Does anyone else following this thread have an experience which is different? I will note that my head shape is medium to long oval and I am the top end of a medium size C3. I may have less clearance in front than others.

Have you read any reviews from folks who have installed the Autocom on a C3? I am sure you are not the first.

I am going to hit the old googles myself just out of curiosity....


Originally Posted by ride2live View Post
Anthony - This thread has been a huge help!

It is time to retire my RF-1000. I like the helmet, but want to move to a modular - I think. Two questions: How does the quite compare between the RF-1000 and the C3?

I am running a wired Autocom system for voice and audio. I am not using the helmet speakers in the 1000, I have custom ear buds for the audio (yep, like others posting here, I only listen to music on those long, boring stretches - when it starts getting fun, off goes da music) and use the Autocom boom for the voice part (bike to bike talk - no phone yack on a bike in motion!). It seems some folks are concerned about clearance of the boom. What kind of issue is this really? I am OK with the idea that the boom will be hanging out there when you flip the front up, but is the chin part so close that the VOX activated voice part is going to let my riding partner know every time I take a breath?
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