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SuperTuff II ss sidestand brackets for HP-2

FYI,,,this is an's 27 Sept 2011,,, i thought that i would not build any more ...however half dozen HP-2 riders are waiting for some more of you to step up and order one need at least 15 committed sales to break even and the machinist needs at least 25 orders from me to make it worth his while,,there ya ahve the conundrum,,,so pass the word!!!!

since 9 out of 10 of the last 90 customers insisted on the grease fitting version ,,,that will be all i'm making this go around,,,,they'll be the same $220 price ,,,this includes USPS priority S&H to anywhere in continental USA,,,for those outside the USA you'll get $10 subtracted from your S&H charges

i just copied this post from another wordy thread,,,here's all ya need to know about them:

Below are some photos of comparison between the bendable oem aluminum HP2 side-stand bracket, my first SuperTuff I bracket, and the newer lighter SuperTuff II .

price which includes S&H to anywhere within continental USA:

SuperTuff I without grease fitting=$180....with grease fitting=$220

Coincidentally the non-grease fitting matches the $180 price of BMW's current solution. For the discerning ,,,,this is NOT a 'bling' is a Tough,,Durable,,Corrosion/Rust resistant solution that as usual happens to be pleasing to the eye....Why not??? isn't that what QUALITY is all about?

OBTW,,,it will support anybody stepping up on the pegs as well as support the whole bike when leaned over on it...hence SuperTuff

they also hold the bike a bit more up-right per previous owners request...

Not only won't you need to track down additional longer bolts for the BMW powdercoated steel version but you have a choice to improve the longevity of your Super-Tuff side-stand bracket by using the grease fitting option.

Side View

here's the link that explains what happened to the third run,,,,which we called ''the run from hell'',,,,not only because of the interminably long time to get product but to add insult to injury the machinist moved the grease fitting a few degrees CCW causing the grease gun to be useless if ya still had the sidestand switch in place,,,was a non-issue for the bikes with it removed,,,,i called them Super Tuff IIa [''a'' as in aaarrrggghhh],,,,,here's the link to the Rx:

last but least here's a link to a show n tell post i did to make it easier to do the install:

If you have any questions... Post Em Here
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toll free... 1-866-936-0232
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