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Originally Posted by Rabbitson View Post
Hi Oh2RideMore,

Hope you like the app, I've tried to incorporate as many nice features as I can and at the same time keep the price reasonable.

Regarding the required connectivity, when discovering routes, the app needs to have a signal, as it is using the data from in realtime (hence there is a pretty good base of routes) of course not all areas have routes, but to my knowledge this is the largest bank of routes available anywhere and they are all personally administered by me (bike travel is a labour of love for me). This has the advantage that the app is relatively small on the device and the two way interaction between the Android App (and the iPhone App) as well as the main website give you benefit of updates to route data directly which as the database is expanding rapidly should mean the app only gets better with time (over 13,500 signups, 5400 route reviews and counting).

I am particularly happy with the latest update as it addresses some requests that were asked for by users as well as the simple and cool weblink which easily extends many of the powerful features of the website over to the app without a lot of expensive rework.

Feel free to keep the suggestions coming, you can always email them to me at 'david at bestbikingroads dot com'

Any kind words to any of your contacts or friends to help broaden the reach of the Android App a bit would be much appreciated.

All the Best


David the app sounds amazing, any plans for BlackBerry?
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