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but orange inside...
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I like Harleys but never bought one because:

1. They are expensive
2. They rust (Yes - there, I've said it. It's a bike built for sunshine and not all weather riding)
3. They have shit brakes, all of them (except maybe the XR1200)
4. Poor attention to detail, Honda's Fury is better built than anything Harley's put out in the last 100 years
5. Poor handling, they're just heavy and slow

Don't get me wrong I'm not a Harley hater, the more variety on the roads the better and I do get that on a sunny day when you just want to cruise around a Harley can be the perfect motorcycle. it's just I use my bike for recreation and transport and want a motorcycle that's both fun and practical. The Harley to me isn't especially fun and definitely not practical.

For me this has always been one of Harley's fundamental problems, their bikes just aren't practical enough to live with day to day. Back in the days when Harley sales were booming Honda were building 750cc inline fours and the gold wing was a naked bike with 4 cylinders. A Harley was about as practical and comfortable as anything out there. But now you have BMWs with perfect aerodynamics for all day touring, you have bikes with ABS and ASC for added safety, you have heated grips for cold mornings. And everyone in the entire industry (even Suzuki and Kawa) has figured out how to make a bike that doesn't rust.
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