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I know it's been asked before BUT can I get an opinion on wear rates on the camchain on XS650's, any experiences out there - good or bad - mileage [kilometres?] life of camchain?
My '81SH Special starting to be a bit noisey @ 40,000 KMS [24,000 MLS], had a look [motor out & lift the lid but no obvious problems found], any opinions from the dedicated & crazy congregation of XS650 riders out there? I've changed them from 25,000ml to 75,000mls [I think?] but would like some thinktank action on this one!
Have you adjusted the cam chain tensioner? If not try that first. The problem isn't usualy the cam chain but the chain guides. The plastic on the guides wears away and the chain starts to wear on the aluminum. When changing the oil look for bits of black plastic in the oil and on the oil filter screen, thats a sign the guides are wearing away. Replacements are available from Mikes XS. Hope that helps.
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