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Originally Posted by GordonFreeman View Post
Not sure all the inmates have agreed on the best pipes. Lots of opinions out there on Akra, Wings, FMFs, Leos, etc. Also many opinions on best materials: stainless vs. Ti + carbon. I'm glad you're happy spending 1200 on pipes. I hope the Ti doesn't crack or shred if you drop the bike or take it on single tracks where they get bumped. Same w/ the carbon tips.

I'm very happy with the FMF stainless pipes I have. They are small, light, run cool and sound great. They already have spark arrestors and the map adjusts automatically after a 10 minute idle. The FMFs don't easily scratch, dent or crack. They have a very pleasing rumble, just a little louder than stock, which I prefer. For the difference in price, I added Euro-spec light housing, 50 watt HID hi and lo beams and 24 watt LED spots, mounted on the forks. I still had enough $$ left over to take the family out to dinner.

To each his own.
You have a very valid point in your statement - are the expensive ones really worth the extra money? I'm not sure about it, which is why I keep asking. I was in the process of placing a huge order for Winter farkles and was going to add in the exhaust system and I figured the bike would be just about done - at least until I wanted something else for it, or decided I need a titanium clutch cover. But the difference in money would allow me to maybe not add hard panniers to the bike but I could get a complete Wolfman Saddlebag & Rack combo or Giant Loop Saddlebags and probably a few other items on top of that. Just for the difference.

I understand that the bike probably needs something to lower the temp and lighten the rear end, but it makes me wonder where the dividing line is between quality and status. Don't get me wrong the Akro's & Wings are very nice looking. And made very specifically for the KTM brand. But even the Wings I think are a little better value than the Akro's are. Maybe not if you don't compare the carbon tipped one, but there's a huge swing in prices in the carbons ones - maybe $400 or so. And maybe $200 or so in the standard Akro Oval ones. And that's a lot of farkles just for a carbon tip.

I have heard the FMF's just don't have the quality or durability as the Akro's, Wings or Remus ones have tho... I have heard after time the rivets will come loose?? But you can get almost 3 sets of the standard FMF's (and 2 sets of Q4 Ti's) for what a set of Akrapovic Evo's cost - it's probably cheaper to replace the whole FMF system than to repack or replace pieces on the Akro's - damn!

So if you still wanted the Euro brand ones still - Akro's, Wings or maybe Remus - what company and what cans are the better ones? Better for repairing or servicing, customer service, durability, etc.? Because even in the end, after saving money or not saving money, most people would not be putting serious farkle bucks into an exhaust if it wasn't a little for the bling factor - sorry! People spend serious money on exhaust systems for cars just to see the muffler tips (only the tips) hanging out the rear of the car and having the sticker to show it. I understand the big benefits to them, I grew up in the muscle car days and had them on my cars and trucks, but the bling & status factor always contibute. But you still may need to repair or work on them so what is the better system or company for that.

So if you didn't want to spend $1350+ for a carbon tipped Akro system - is a Wings system for between $850-950 or a Akro Oval Titanium system in the 950's worth the extra compared to the FMF Q4 Ti's. Or what if you could get the Akro Carbon Evo's in the $1100 price range on sale or discount - then would it be worth it? I mean what is the break point between status and the best system available for your money? Sorry for rambling!
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