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Not the best photo of my Johnny Cash Special (it's a 78, 79, 80, 81 Yamahondasakamha), but if I get any closer you can still see the primer and leaks:

Fun upgrades include: bronze bushings, stiffer rear shocks, properly sorted carbs, Pamco ignition, permanent magnet alternator, a seat that fits a 6'4" fella, a tank off a XS750, and other random gentle engine tweaks recommended by the mad geniuses over at 650Garage.

I love it, but it does its level best to not love me back. It vibrated off the side cover on the highway recently, and has an evil habit of losing the vacuum plugs for the carb holders, usually in the middle of nowhere causing it to suddenly start running really well (ie: lean) at highway speeds, but sputter like a dog at every stop light. The wiring diagram conforms to no known standard, after a succession of foolish owners (of which I am only the latest) have done their versions of mystic lunatic engineering. Still, it hasn't stranded me too far away from home... yet. From where I'm sitting right now, I can hear it plotting... and I really want to go push my luck, one more time.
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