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Originally Posted by tcourdin View Post
What did you expect those big turd bikes you were riding to sporty? "Pay that kind of money?" I paid 13k for my Fat Bob, thats less than a BMW...a KTM...and less than most Jap bikes. I dont get all the talk that Harleys are expensive.
No, but I expected them to go a Hell of a lot faster in less time when I poured the beans to 'em.

Re-read my post and you'll see I'm not talking about the bike itself, but rather the money folks put into them after the purchase, and let's not even get started on $ervice visits.

This isn't about you specifically, but if you want to get specific I paid $12k for my Road Star 1700, jetted and piped and out the door. I bet it'd pull your Fat Bob off the line, too

You bought a bike on the low end of the scale, but the bigger bikes are a lot of $$$ for very little in return.
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