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The weather has not exactly been conducive to going out and riding. Cold, rain and snow You'd think it was January or something. This is the south. We are not supposed to have winter for more than a few days

I did get out and ride to the store, but it wasn't worth writing about. I didn't totally waste my time with non-motorcycle activities. I did add some reflective tape and more importantly, AN ADV STICKER, to my tail trunk.

As I was going through some old clothes I came across this interesting old T-shirt.

I picked this up before all the T-shirt vendors renamed it the

Finally, today the weather got better: sunny and around 50. I took advantage of it to go exploring. I rode back to Rainbow Mountain Park. This time I parked the bike and walked around.

I headed down this trail.

There was a nice view of some small lakes and Madison, Al

ATGATT Hiking???

Interesting rock formation.

The same rock from another angle.

It looked like some kid just stacked a bunch of flat rocks on top of each other. It would need to be a really big kid

Another pile of rocks.

I started down this trail.

But it was a little too wild for the way I was dressed. I was starting to sweat from all the gear I had on.

I enjoy hiking rugged trails like this so I'll come back when I don't have so much gear on.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another great day. I think I'll be going for a longer ride
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