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I almost forgot the most exciting part of the ride....the full throttle part. After stopping at Wal Mart to pick up some Ice Cream and other less important groceries I stopped at a red light behind two guys on sport bikes. One had a mohawk on his helmet. The other turned around but turned right back when he saw I was only on a scooter.

A quick comment before continueing on. Have you noticed that most american drivers seem to be incapable of going around a curve and accelerating at the same time?? Must be something they are teaching in drivers ed.

Back to my story. We were in a left turn lane and would be turning on to a divided 4 lane. The light turned green. The two sport bikes took off......but like most car drivers seemed incapable of accelerating while in a curve. One guy left his feet down until entirely around the curve. So I motored right past them on the outside and left them in the dust And I didn't even use full throttle and unleash all 11 horsepower

They eventually twisted their throttles and passed me. I decided to see how fast I could go so I finally twisted the throttle wide open
How fast did I go? According to the speedometer, 63 while sitting straight up and 68 when crouched over. Of course, kymco speedometers are known for being very optimistic so actual speed was maybe 55-60. If there had been a speed trap, I doubt I would have gotten a ticket

I guess there is still a little squid left in me
I ride, Therefore I Am.

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