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The 1125 Buell is a "souped up v-rod motor". The v-rod has 120 hp, the 1125 has 150.
The 1125 Buell was a "souped up v-rod motor". The v-rod has 120 hp, the 1125 had 150.


Being critical of Harley doesn't mean someone "hates" Harley. Personally, I'd kind of like to be able to buy one myself. But I don't want a heavy tourer and I don't want a cruiser. Even if I could put up with the faults of a Sportster, it's dimensions are so puny I'd have to wear a fez when I rode it.

They'd make a useful B-school case--a dying (literally) demographic means that the product line has to fundamentally change so that new classes of customers can be attracted, but the corporate culture is deeply entwined with the current product line and highly resistant to change. They make a good contrast with Cadillac, which stagnated for a while but now seems to be making progress in putting out products that buyers under 65 might enjoy.

Oddly, those products tend to be smaller, lighter, faster and better-handling than Cadillac's more traditional products. Sound familiar?

The bike I'd like to see Harley bring out would be a lightweight standard bike with a fairly conventional, still-looks-like-a-Harley appearance--more up-to-date than a Sportster, but not as radical as a Buell. Think Honda Nighthawk. Give it an 800 or 1000 cc motor with 100 hp per liter (not that hard to do), but keep the weight down. Tune it more for low-end torque but don't rob the top end too deeply.

And make it big enough that somebody taller than my baby sister could ride it and not look like a Shriner in a parade.
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