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Wow! This week flew by! Next week is February! I'm so glad I started this rebuild early this year.

For every step forward, it seems like you take two back.

I finally got around to taking off the sprocket on my countershaft

The splines are toast

This was not good news. It means splitting the cases to replace the countershaft.

No choice now but to march forward with this rebuild. I'm in too deep. I developed the plan today to deal with this repair after a few PM's were sent last night about this spline situation. I made some calls this morning and drafted the help of my good friend and A+ garage mechanic Luke who will help me out once again for a few cases of my breweries finest brews!! I'll load him up with some tasty Widmer Brews!! ( I work for these guys).

Another parts order with Service Honda tonight for the countershaft replacement (plus new seals for the countershaft and gear shaft) and we are looking at doing the case split on the 12th of Feb. In the meantime, I still have lot of parts to clean and will try some 7% nitric acid (from my lab) on the dirt stained aluminum of the cases, head, and brakes (tomorrow hopefully?)

Tomorrow I'm dropping the new JE 100mm piston with our local A+Moto Machinist Ron at RB Designs to get the cylinder bored!

A lot of parts showed up this week, and more next week! I'll get more pics up when the case split happens on the 12th.

Thanks mcma111 for your great tips on the case split thread!
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