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Originally Posted by duck View Post
If you live here and purchase a vehicle then you're required to transfer title within 30 days.

If I just paid for 12 months of registration in Vermont, I'd try to get as much use out of that as possible.

Every state has a different time limit... which you can ignore for a while. Sure, you'll get warnings from cops if/when you get pulled over but a ticket is doubtful because the bike is legally on the road. What ticket would they write you? Unregistered bike? Just don't get pulled over by the same cops a few times!

I forget what it's called but if you don't have a title then you can still register an untitled vehicle. If, after 3 years, nobody has claimed the VIN then you can get a real title.

Here in NY it's called a non-transferable registration. It allows you to register the bike and ride it on the road but you don't have proof of ownership if you wanted to sell the bike.
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