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Well, crap!

Good catch. I'm sitting at a gas station/market on hwy 48 at the Cumberland river. Been riding around southern Montgomery Co all day looking for this thing. No joy. I figured it was around Bartons Creek and covered every back road I could find in that area, but didn't see it. Course, I may have riden right by it. Asked around 5 different locals and none had ever heard of it. Couple of them kept trying to point me back down to Cumberland Furnace.

Where is this thing??

Think I'll head east now that it's taken. There's another historical site I want to visit.
Haha, yeah it through me for a loop as well. Looked in SE Montgomery all around for the Tennessee and Louisa furnaces to no avail. But the 'oldest' was at yellow creek/tarsus rd just east of Cumberland City. This is one is just east of there. Can barely be seen from 149.

New tag. Good place for some refreshing beverages
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