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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Just found out one of the semi-local HD dealerships is having a women-only garage day in mid-March and I'm looking forward to go! The "deepest" I've ever gone into my bike was adjusting the chain last week: I don't know how the Dude made it seem so danged complicated (or maybe I just thought it was) but I went in there with a "This is easy" attitude and a few simple verbal instructions, and was done in 10 minutes. Easy-peasy. Next up is replacing my 1.5" lowering link with something a bit higher (my Wee bottoms out too easy nowadays), which if I'm not too busy I'll do tomorrow.

I visited the WW website and it says still under construction, how goes the site?
Cool story!

My web developer said he will have it up in Beta mode this week.
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