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I spent several years as part of the Ford Rough Riders team that did the Mickey Thompson Stadium series. I haven't followed the recent short course stuff, but I have a large number of friends that are heavy involved. Basically I burned out with the Mickey Thompson stuff and have no desire to work that hard and get to see so little racing Hahahahaha.

I'm fairly sure that the Pro-Lite class is basically the same cars as the old stadium cars. The big Class 8 trucks and now Trophy Trucks are waaay too big for stadium races. SCORE did include a stadium race ("Terrible's Cup" in Las Vegas) as part of the series, but it was a joke, thank God it went away.

Mickey Thompson was the man who started SCORE and the man who made the Riverside and stadium races happen. There isn't anyone out there that could come close to filling Mickey's shoes. Rumor has it that Robby Gordon is trying get a stadium series going again. To make it happen you need to get in with the Supercross and Monster truck promoters so when the stadium is set up with dirt you follow in behind them.
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