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Originally Posted by D0N View Post
Every state has a different time limit... which you can ignore for a while. Sure, you'll get warnings from cops if/when you get pulled over but a ticket is doubtful because the bike is legally on the road. What ticket would they write you? Unregistered bike? Just don't get pulled over by the same cops a few times!
They can write you up for not having transfered the title within thirty days which is a legal requirement. Just like they can write you up for having expired tabs. In Washington, you can be fined $25 on the 31st day(16th for in state title transfer) with $2 a day thereafter up to a maximum of $100. The way states & localities groveling for revenue these days you may or may not get a ticket. At the same time, it's a procedural thing, not a moving violation so even if you did get fined it still wouldn't hit your driving record. And I'll bet that you'd get hit here at the licensing office in Washington for the $100 fine when you wait a year to transfer title. My bikes cost about $50 a year to register so it's cheaper to transfer title on time. Since the max fine is $100 it might make sense to wait a year on more expensive vehicles.

I always wait about 28 days to transfer out state titles. May as well get the "free" month, eh?

In my case the guy gave me a written warning. My situation was a little different though. I was working in California at the time so the bike was down there for a while and I'd just ridden it home a couple of weeks prior.

Disclaimer: All states vary.
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