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Originally Posted by SeanVancouver View Post

It was great to see your display and meet you and the Motooverland folks at the Vancouver MC show last weekend. I live near you in Surrey and have a 2010 690R. Looking to order my new fairing soon. Will get the HID low beam but I am not sure whether or not to go for the HID high beam. Talk to you soon.
Good to meet you too (and yes I remember you taking the photo, which was quite difficult !). I would go with the Halogen high. It saves you money and has the benefit of being more 'instant' when you switch it on. With the HID there is a very slight delay, if the ballast is cold. Furthermore, it's very easy to add the high beam HID anytime in the future, particularly as you live so close. Having said all that, it is kind of nice having that bright 'white' light.

Either way, you're gonna be blown away by comparison to what you're used to !

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