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Originally Posted by Bushmechanic View Post
Looks like Ive been missing some really great deals on ebay, will have to check it more often.

Re the swingarm cracking being re welded and and then re cracking, has anyone put a patch over the reweld ? if its a vertical weld in a problem area it prolly should have a patch with a horizontal bead top and bottom ?

Yes took me a while to concede but Ol Taff is just too tedious to communicate with for my liking the online stuff is full of only mild misunderstandings, by comparison there are 192 emails in my inbox from him .

Not sure when Azza rides out, but yes be great to catch up, there are a few local spots I haven't been for a while be glad to show you around if you have time. Goes without saying of course that you can use my shed FWIW to fix up stuff if you need to.
I was looking for a while for some forks, Snowy and LukasM, and rocks around here, and my Bergs suspension got me thinking that more than what I had woul be worth the effort. No fixed agenda, just a cartridge fork that wouldn't be too hard to fit. The WP CCs turned up and after explaining to my wife the benefits, I had her approval to bid. You have to have a want, then patiently keep looking, and eventually it turns up. My 3 mates over here with DRs have asked me to keep an eye out for an Ohlins for them after testing mine, and one is about to fit some DRZ250 forks that were at a wrecker in Canberra at a fair price. He doesn't want to change the ride height, or travel too much, and will have to get them modified to suit with springs and valving, and will end up more expensive than my WPs which have, for me, perfect valving and springing stock.

A mate of Frank's in Sydney specialises in alloy frame repairs and modifications so that is where my swingarm will end up. Plating the suspect weld certainly seems like a way forward. Looking at the weld, I assume its a tensile failure mechanism. I want it fixed, before it fails.

Taffy is a special case, no doubt. I did catch up with him last time I was over in Blighty. It was a good night, but he does have issues. Maybe I'll come home from the Kimberly via the Canning and catch up then. Shed offer appreciated, and keen to see the new frame in action too.

Did 400 kms yesterday and was mainly thinking about the FCR. One other bike along was an almost stock DR650, the one about to get the 250 forks. We had a plan to get to the coast, and that would have been interesting to check how much leaner I can go, but we ended up staying up high. Another day... FWIW, the FCR is better, more snap, and reponsiveness, but if all you do do is cruise, then there is no value over and above a properly setup stock BST40. The more technical the terrain and riding, the more the FCR's benefits are appreciated. Fuel consumption so far seems about the same, but I need to do some more kms to confirm. I started with a full tank, and after 393 kms still have 200+ kms in the tank.

Likewise with the suspension, as terrain gets more complex, the benefits are realised. If you don't go anywhere but dirt roads and easy fire trails, there is no point to a conversion, although I'd always recommend the proper springs for your weight. And on the DR650 that invariably means heavier springs, and then the damping is overpowered. So if you can do stuff yourself, the cost of a conversion is not that much different to an upgrade of the stock components, which will never be as good, but then are nevertheless good enough for most.

As Dale Lineaweaver once said, the best you've ridden, is the best you know.

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