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My next stop was the visitors center.

Looks like an old house on the outside.

Looks like an old house with a few brochures laying around on the inside.

There's even a convenient place to put my helmet Like what I have seen so far in Decatur, this place has lots of character.

The buildings in old Decatur are not quite as old (late 1800s - early 1900s) as the buildings in Huntsville Twickinham district, and they are probably not quite as well preserved. There is a different atmosphere here. This area seems more alive, more lived in. Maybe it's just because it's a much warmer day. I'll have to go back to downtown Huntsville on a nice day and see.

My next stop may not be very historic, but it is one of the most important places in town.

It's the local motorcycle dealer. It is probably the most important place in every town In this case they sell Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki.

I head inside to check out the toys.

Note the price tags on the four Honda scooters
Even with some serious discounts, they are all way more than what I paid for my Kymco. The scooter on the right, the honda PCX, is Honda's newest offering in the US and got a lots of posts in the Battle Scooters section. At 125cc it is a comparable size to my Super 8 After looking it over closely and sitting on it, I'm glad I got my Kymco.

Here's the answer to a question no one has asked Look at that price tag

They did have some good prices on some Dual Sports.

But the sale ends at the end of the month.

Overall I was impressed with this dealer. They had a good selection of bikes, an extremely friendly staff, and even some very interesting riding gear.
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