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Will be interesting to see how all this works out once on the road. It's one thing to outfit your bike from all you learn from vendors at BMW rallies and here on ADV, but as the Irishman points out ... the reality on the road may bring an awakening of sorts. Simple and basic is best if you really plan to get out in harms way.

All part of the "Adventure" ? Sure, I get it ... but dealing with constant problems or waiting for parts or repairs gets very old very quickly.
I'd suggest a nice one month shakedown ride through Mexico to start. Maybe a bit of Baja? Copper Canyon? ... just as a warm up.

Complex electrics and endless farkles may only bring misery. But only getting out on the road will prove what works and what is fluff. Most important thing is that you understand how to diagnose ... and since you've torn your bike apart numerous times, you should be more than up to the job. That bike looks very dense and complicated to me.

Have you decided on a departure date? Route? Good Luck!

Be sure to weigh your bike once it's all fueled and loaded up. Now take it out and ride in some nice deep MUD. Traveling light is an art, not easy or obvious, learned through experience ... and requires sacrifice.
Check out Misery Goat for a guy who really knows how to go Neat and clean with his set up on his KTM. Same with Crashmaster. Experts, both.
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