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Originally Posted by soyanarchisto View Post
The other end of that spectrum: I had an airhead GS, 92 R100GS, that is about as simple as they come with respect to electrics, motor, etc. I spent more time tinkering on that sumbitch to get it moving than I did actually riding. Wasn't a single trip I ever went on that something didnt go haywire resulting in me doing field repairs. On the other hand, my F800 has not given me a single bit of grief.
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I feel your pain regards the '92 GS. Been there, towed a few. My old R80GS I think was more reliable than the 90's R100's.

Seems with the F800's you either get a good one (like yours) or a troublesome one. (like Chi town) My point was that adding tons of untested gadgets can sometimes create mysteries that are tough to unravel. Keeping on paved roads will increase your odds. Rough going on dirt, mud, and gravel for months at a time on a fully loaded RTW bike can produce some interesting challenges ... for any bike.
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